About Us

Ear Effects was created to address the inefficiencies in the existing business model for custom molded ear products.  

As the son of both a father who is hard of hearing and a mother who is an Audiologist, Bryan Schachter (President/Founder) had significant exposure to the hearing industry throughout his life.  This exposure provided Bryan with access to an array of custom ear products such as headphones, hearing protection and sleeping plugs.  Bryan often wondered why others had not embraced these custom products, and while on a business trip in 2012, he came to the realization that it was not the products themselves that were holding things back but rather the business model.  As a company dedicated to the sale of custom ear products, Ear Effects will change the business model and market for these incredible products.  

Customers have the option of purchasing an array of custom products, including:

  • Headphone attachments
  • Custom earplugs with built-in headphones
  • Hearing protection (industrial use, shooting range, concerts, etc)
  • ​Sleeping and swimming plugs
  • Ear pieces (security guards, police/military, etc)
  • Musician products (ear monitors, ear plugs, etc)

See our Products page for samples of a number of these products